Lake Rules:

-The MAGIC TWIG Rig is Banned, anyone found using it will be asked to leave immediately.

– Look after the FISH (everyone MUST carry a pot of Nash Medi-Carp at all times)

– No Wading or using the boat (if you get a fish snagged call Jordan)

– Micro Barbed Hooks only

– Keep All gates closed at all times! (it only takes a split second for a otter to get in!)

– Leave the property exactly how you find it (all rubbish to be taken home)

– No retaining fish for long periods of time (up to 20 mins is fine to sort out your camera equipment)

– Bio-Security is something that is massively important in my eyes, All unhooking mats – slings – landing nets are provided (DO NOT bring yours on site) (Please return them after use)

– 15lb (0.37mm) minimum mainline (No braid mainline, with exception of spod and marker rods) 

– Maximum of 3 rods.

– Please keep toilet facilities clean! If everyones leaves it how they find it, it will always be clean!

-No live/dead baits to be brought on site! (Bio Security in mind)